Report on Aug 8 meeting

Thirteen people attended the Aug 8th meeting at the Garden Theater from 10am to noon. On Wednesday July 8th 2009, the San Jose Planning Department approved the erection of a canopy by Stucco Supply Company, which has purchased a portion of the former railway line. This would effectively block the trail right-of-way. Discussion on Aug 8th centered entirely on the appeal against the canopy, and raising awareness among residents, non-profits, and community organizations.

The appeal will be heard on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at San Jose City Hall. The more people who can come to the meeting and/or write letters, the better.

Send a letter by August 26 to Sylvia Do Reference Stucco Supply Site Development Permit Appeal H 09-009. Copy Send snail mail to: Planning Division – City of San Jose, 200 East Santa Clara Street, Third Floor Tower, San Jose CA 95113-1905.

Report on July 27 Greenprint Meeting

Last night many members of Save Our Trails attended the Greenprint Task Force meeting. Our intention was to demonstrate to city staff that residents care about the Three-Creeks Trail, and that a bike lane on Alma does not constitute a reasonable replacement.

The entire City (staff, councilmembers, planning commissioners, and more) is now well aware of the 3-Creeks Trail!

Excellent public comments from Save Our Trails members, and other members of the community; Members of the Task Force made strong argument for connected network of trails, and spoke against the Alma bike lane being an acceptable alternative to the Trail;
Much discussion from the full Task Force about not wanting to dream small, and not precluding the future visions; even a pointed mention of the approval of a structure that would sever the trail.

There was a discussion about a “Central Park” for SJ, someplace w/ public venues, zoo, etc. Discussion went on that it didn’t need to be all at one place: it could be distributed. Think Guadalupe Park (Arena Green; Discovery Park) + Kelley Park (Happy Hollow, Tea Garden, History Museum), connected by 3-Creeks Trail. Wasn’t explicitly mentioned, but I think it was in their minds by that point.

Well done, all!