Info: Survey being conducted on improvements to Los Gatos Creek Trail through Vasona Park

According to the Santa Clara County Department of Parks, the existing Los Gatos Creek Trail is too narrow for the current use in Vasona Park. There are conflicts between fast moving traffic, such as wheeled equipment, and pedestrians.

The Department is considering two alternatives for various segments of the trail through the park:

Alternative 1 – Objective of this alternative is to utilize the existing alignment with minor adjustments. The trail would be rebuilt in place and widened to 10 feet and possibly to 12 feet where feasible. Minor adjustments would be to adjust grades to eliminate puddling.

Alternative 2 – Objective is to provide alternate paved alignments for wheeled equipment, such as bicycles, to facilitate direct movement through the park. The old alignment would be demolished and reused with a constructed unpaved, soft surface, to facilitate pedestrian use and slower moving traffic.

They are conducting a survey to determine the public preference for the alignment at different trail segments through the park. Click here to begin the survey!

PS – If you would like more information before voting for an alternative, there will also be a public meeting at Vasona Lake County Park (Gateway Pavilion), 333 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos on Saturday, April 21 at 1pm.